Brand Identity - UI Design
Apr 2019
After working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Sendera, the INTAL team pitched the platform concept to two other development banks: CAF and FONPLATA. They then jointly decided to create a strategic alliance, and asked us again to work with them in their visual identity.
In August 2020, the launch of ILAT (Alliance for the Integration and Development of Latin America) was announced. ILAT was created to provide technical and financial support to regional projects of infrastructure for integration and to generate knowledge and applied technology.
Currently, the three financial institutions together have about 100 integration projects in South American countries for an amount close to 10 billion dollars.
Through ILAT, banks will be able to collaborate with Latin American and Caribbean countries in the creation of a prioritized portfolio of integration infrastructure projects, supporting pre-investment, financing and project execution. Likewise, the initiative seeks to contribute in a technical way to the development of integration programs and bi-national or multi-national initiatives.

ILAT's logo is a flock of three forward-and-upward arrows, created by the cast shadow of building blocks. These represent the three banks respectively. The the symbol is a metaphor of the banks union, their future-looking approach and their support for the development of infrastructure for integration of the region.
Logo Animation: Bruno Persico
UI Animations: Wanda Arca

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