Visual Identity - Print Collateral
Nido is an arts & crafts school dedicated to the human being, where classes and workshops of different artistic expressions are taught: literature, music, performing arts, visual arts and crafts. It takes place in a large house with a lush garden, located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The naming, which means ‘nest’ in Spanish, proposes a very special form of symbolic association. It alludes to what the school is in essence by a rhetorical image. It is a place of creation and gathering.
Nido is a place to create through experimentation, and this coexists with the sober and elegant spirit of formal education. Our proposal consisted of a visual program with basic configuration rules that are supported by the contrast between order and chaos, strictness and flexibility. Two layers of information that work in interaction: a level of graphics made with cut out papers and another level of hard information.
The graphic layer provides organicity and ease. It is inspired by the process of building a nest where the structure is given by the assembly of disparate elements. As in nests, the graphics propose structures made from the interaction between smaller elements. It is characterized by the presence of organic forms that are inspired by nature and that coexist in compositions governed by an apparent arbitrary order but that seek to achieve harmony and visual balance. Disorder will be thought of as a liberating pattern that has a potential as a stimulant of creativity. The other level, nevertheless, has a rigorous system of grids that will maintain consistency in the visual identity. This layer brings order, clarity and elegance to the graphic pieces.

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