Brand Identity - UI Design
Jul 2019
Revel is an educational mobile app for high-school kids that teaches math concepts through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and real life problem-solving. It offers activities and experiments that help kids learn by creating and building virtual objects.
The concept behind the brand name is "to reveal", to discover, to make visible something new. We worked with geometric shapes that filter and transform what is seen through them, like in AR. A digital transformation happens, revealing a custom pixel type when the shapes overlap with typography. Likewise, the name is associated with "rebel", an aspect that the founders wanted to highlight: Revel is an alternative to the classroom teaching method, going against the established. For the logo we focused on this concept and carried out a simple but forceful intervention: inverting the E's. This gesture conveys a specific idea and gives the logo a particular look without compromising its readability.
We also designed 3D objects inspired by the experience of augmented reality. The idea behind the choice of these objects was to convey the multiple possibilities of creation and to awaken curiosity through playfulness and almost surreal strangeness.

3D Design & Animations by Bruno Persico

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