Brand Identity - Printed material
La Tanière is a mountain restaurant at 1400 meters of altitude within the skiable domain of Les Houches (where the mythical Kandahar Alpine Ski World Cup is run every year), above the town of Saint Gervais, near Mont Blanc, in Chamonix Vail, France. It opened its doors in 1990, and since then it has received visitors from all over the world.
The restaurant is near the tracks of the Mont Blanc Tramway, on a hidden old cottage that was used to keep cattle safe during winter. Now it serves warm home-made food to skiers during the day and local savoyard specialties to adventurers who dare hiking up at night. On summer time, it has become famous for its "asados": Argentinean steaks cooked in Argentinean style, served with various salads and chimichurri, the spicy sauce that gives the finishing touch to the barbecue.
We worked in black and white, given the monochromatic winter landscape that surrounds the restaurant, and developed a typographic identity mildly inspired in the lettering of vintage Art Deco posters that promoted skiing in the area in the early 20th century by french illustrators such as Roger Broders, Gaston Gorde and Georges Dorival. In addition, we designed a map to the restaurant made by a pattern of modular pictograms.
Letterpress by De Otoño

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