Brand Identity - UI Design
Oct 2018
Sendera was the former concept name of an online platform being built by an alliance between three regional development banks to gather open-data on infrastructure projects for integration in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its main goal will be helping and guiding public officials during the process of each project, and at the same time having the information available to the public for transparency. Complemented with relevant content of interest, such as articles and an event calendar, the platform will be an innovative digital tool and a hub for promoters of integration of the region.
We were tasked to give the platform a concept and a name, along with its visual brand identity and user interface assets for later implementation by the development team, also in charge of the product thinking and UX.
We came up with an abstract icon that represents both the shape of the region and the initial of the brand name, made by lines that condense several concepts.

Motion graphics: Bruno Persico & Alejo Accini
UX & Development: Wolox

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