Art direction - Editorial design
May 2019
We were contacted by ABRE to design Paz Del Percio’s cook-book, "La Movida del Vegano" (play on words with a 90's Tv show), a 160-pages guide with tips and recipes thought for everybody: vegans, vegetarians, and anybody interested in having better and healthier eating habits. Paz is @samuraideensaladas ("salad samurai") on Instagram, where she describes herself as a working class influencer. She wants to share how to learn new ways of thinking about food based on your necessities, and to be conscious about what we choose to eat and share with others.
We wanted to create a special aesthetic for Paz and her book, different from the cliché light green graphics and neat food photography on white marble often related to veganism and cook-books. We used a distorted and sometimes back-slanted display sans serif, representing the idea of 'going against mainstream social mandates' paired with a warm serif type and a very pop and wide color palette to convey her loose and upbeat personality. The challenge with the art direction and food photography was to capture this same feel and at the same time make the plates look edible and appetizing.​​​​​​​

Asís.  Art direction, editorial design, photo retouching
Juama Garrido  Project design direction
El Negro Pizzorno  Portraits and food photography
Andy Ruzzante & Valentina Vico  Food styling
Victoria Varela  Hair styling, make-up

Si estás en Argentina, podés comprar el libro acá.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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