Brand Identity Concept
The Snob Hôtel is a four star boutique hotel in Paris. It was conceived as a bourgeois abode, created in essence, to pay homage to the Parisienne lady. This complex yet charming ideal of snobbery represents the Parisienne's 'Eternal holidaymaker' spirit as much as her 'chic and chilled' demeanor.
The theme of greenery is very present in the hotel, symbolizing the Parisienne's desire for a touch of authenticity, which she so often lacks. She thus flees towards a universal value: nature, as is perfectly illustrated by the ground floor's panoramic wallpaper. Enormous brass lamps which you can picture adorning the front of a summer holiday home, a reception desk which evokes an antique family heirloom, all within a warm, mellow atmosphere, enriched with lush frondescence.​​​​​​​

Agency: Composé
Client: Elegancia Hotels
Interior Design: Desjeux Delaye
Artworks: Blasepheme
Hotel Photography: Nicolas Anetson

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